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Thursday, November 3, 2011


School rumors? Yeah they're just like celebrity tabloids. Someone is either pregnant, acting like a whore, or making some stupid decision. Just like the tabloids..... MOST AREN'T TRUE!!And soooo begins my story. . . .
I'm far from average. Most of my friends are guys because girls to me are wayyy to much drama. (not to mention most of my friends turned against me.) Because of this I have been labeled a whore. This is far from true. I have strict parents. Plus most weekends I stay in!! I'm the biggest nerd in the world, hell I'd rather stay home and do my own thing than go out with a guy! Yet somehow I end up as the whore in everyone's story.
Sadly I'm not a celebrity and I can't pay money to get my name out of the gossip real. Plus no matter what new story comes out I probably will end up back in everyone's stories. I used to sit and cry about how cruel kids are but I had to realize that if I did this that would be letting them win! So instead of hiding in some bathroom crying about how it's not fair I'm going to do something about it. Using this blog I am going to save my name and justify who I really am.
Here it goes.... I have a blog... so I'm probably not a whore. (:

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