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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Faith in guys?

I have been played by every guy I've dated so I just tend to stay away from dating. I feel that I am too good to get hurt. (Every girl should feel that way btw)
Then along came what I thought would be an extremely good idea. I would be with this one guy but never get too serious. I was with him for awhile and it went great.... I was happy. He was happy. We had fun together.   Until I realized I had feelings for him that he did not have for me. He couldn't even be seen with me in public. I thought getting cheated on was bad! This was even more hurtful. Don't have a fling.... EVER!
This weekend I decided to end whatever we had. I gave someone new a chance and I realized I gave up so much for this fling and missed out on so much!
The guy I hung out with he was GREAT! I had no clue chivalry still existed! He was such an improvement. Maybe it will turn into something, maybe it wont. All that I have know was that it got me away from a toxic fling before it was too late.
Ladies and gentlemen let me tell you DO NOT waste your time giving endless amounts of chances to a shitty guy because there is is always a better guy waiting for their first chance.

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